Adoption Process


If you click on the Available Dogs, you will be able to see all the dogs who are currently up for adoption. We update this page as often as we have new dogs available. Please read their descriptions and make sure that the home we are looking for is a match to what you might have to offer.


Within the description of each dog, there is a link to our adoption application. Please click on the link, indicate the dog(s) you are interested in and complete the application. Until we know a little about you and what you are looking for, it is impossible for us to tell if a dog is right for you and your family.


Once your application has been reviewed and hopefully approved, we will contact you (either by phone or by email) to discuss this adoption further and to set up a time to meet the animal of your choice. You might find us a bit "invasive" with the questions you are asked…that's why they often call us the "Benevolent Lhasa Nazis." Our only objective is to make the perfect match, and we truly go that extra mile in search of exceptional homes for our little furry friends. Each has their own unique personality and characteristics. Their lives have been interrupted for one reason or another, and it's our job to make certain wherever they go next is the last time they will have to move! We endeavor to match the pup with what you are looking for so that they are yours forever more! We do not adopt to families with children under 8 yrs old; sometimes we can push it to 5 yrs old IF we know that the dogs have come from a home with young children and were okay with them.  Lhasa typically do not like children!  This is for their protection, as we would never want a child to be traumatized by one of our dogs.  We rarely adopt out of state, but will in some cases with special needs dogs.


The goal here is to make sure the home is secure and that the dog is not likely to get out and lost again! This will either be arranged prior to or after you have met the dog you are interested in. We may, at our discretion, accept photos of your home in lieu of a home visit.


If you have not seen them on the website or in person yet, you can experience the dogs who are currently available at our weekly adoption events. We show the dogs most every Sunday (unless we are doing an off-site event) at Westfield Century City Mall, (10250 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles 90067).  Park in the orange section in the parking structure off Santa Monica Blvd, from 12p-4pm. Here you will have an opportunity to interact with the dogs and see which might be a perfect fit with your household! We have wonderful adoption counselors who can assist you with questions about each of the dog's personalities and activity levels. Hopefully, we can help you make a match with a new family member who is perfectly suited for you and your household!

6. REVIEW AND SIGN THE AGREEMENT the adoption fee and you are almost done!!! After you visit the dog of your choice and it is mutually agreed that he/she is the right match for you and your family, we will provide you with a complete adoption package. This includes your adoption contract; spay/neuter, vaccination and rabies certificates; microchip information and any applicable medical records. The process of reviewing this information takes about 30 minutes, so be prepared! Once can take your new furchild home!

We would be honored to help you find your new family member

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