Where is Lhasa Happy Homes located?

We are a private rescue organization located in the heart of West Los Angeles. Our offices are located in Santa Monica, but most of our business is conducted in West LA.

What is the adoption process?

If you will visit our home page and click “Adoption Process” the answer to this question is detailed. We do request is that once you’ve reviewed our “available dogs” and have chosen one (or two!) that you have an interested in adopting, that you complete and submit the adoption application before calling. Our goal is to make the perfect match between you and the dog of your choice…but we cannot do this without having specific information about you. We also want to give you the time you deserve so when you call we have time to speak with you. Since we work full time (yes, rescuing dogs is a full time job but it doesn’t pay the bills!!) please call after 5pm PST during the week. If you send us an email or application, we will get back to you within 24-48 hrs if we believe there is a fit with your home and one of our dogs.

Where do the dogs @ Lhasa Happy Homes come from?

The majority of the dogs come to us from city and county shelters in Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley, Lancaster, San Bernardino, Devore and Riverside. On a space available basis, we will accept Lhasa Apso, Shih Tzu, Maltese and/or Pomeranian owner turn-ins (OTI).

I can’t keep my dog …will Lhasa Happy Homes take it for me?

While we frown on owner turn-ins (OTI), we recognize that there are situations that arise in life that are unavoidable wherein an animal must be re-homed. We do accept OTI on a space available, case-by-case basis. Naturally, dogs that are in jeopardy of losing their lives in the shelters are our first priority. In the event we do not have room and cannot foster your dog, we will post him/her for you on our FaceBook page and/or Website and assist in its adoption as best we can.

Do you have any history on the dogs?

Unless the dog is listed as an owner turn in (OTI), we rarely have any history whatsoever. Most of them are rescued as strays; and even when their owners turn them into the shelters, rarely a history is given. Naturally, we will provide any information we have on any dog to any prospective owner. However, they are housed in foster homes, so we can give you information based on our experience of them in our care.

Can you send me more information on this dog?

All the information we have on each dog is usually contained in the written description. This usually includes their breed, age, coloring, size, physical condition (to the best of our knowledge) and whatever general information we have gleaned from our time with the dogs. They are also temperament tested during their stay, so that we can give you our professional opinion on how they appear to be with kids…other dogs…. people….what they like/don’t like….habits…..etc. One thing we’ll never guarantee is that they are housebroken (a pleasant surprise when they turn out to be!)

How long do the dogs stay at Lhasa Happy Homes?

Dogs reside at Lhasa Happy Homes a minimum of five (7) days and remain until they are healthy and ready to go to their forever homes! They live in a home environment, with lots of love and attention, not to mention toys and treats! Once you decide to adopt from LHH, we will provide you with an information sheet on the dog, including vet records; and our recommendations on suitable training, grooming, veterinarian, food, schedule, bedding, grooming supplies, toys, treats, etc. We are always available to answer any questions or provide any support you may require.

Do you have a facility where we can visit the dogs?

Lhasa Happy Homes does not have a public facility for viewing the dogs. However, we showcase our dogs on a weekly basis at ROVER KENNELS ON MAIN STREET, 2116 Main Street in Santa Monica.  You can't miss our purple tents!!  There is free parking on 4th Street and Bicknell, one and a half blocks from Rover.  We also do special events and you can check our Calendar to see where we will be and when!  We will be happy to make an appointment to meet you there to see our adorable furbabies!  If you are interested in a specific dog, and we can make arrangements for you to see the dog on a day outside adoptions, we will do our best to accommodate you.

Do you adopt out of state?

While we do not generally favor out-of-state adoptions, we will consider this on a case-by-case basis. However, an extensive phone interview would be required; and you would need to come to our location in Los Angeles to meet the dog of your choice. A home visit would be necessary prior to confirming an adoption. In the event an out-of-state adoption is approved, the adoptive family would be responsible for any and all expenses associated with the relocation of the dog to its new home location, as well as any expenses connected with returning the dog to Rescue, in the event the adoption is not successful.

Do you adopt outside Southern California?

We will consider an adoption to the right home outside of Southern California, however, the same policies would apply as those for an out-of-state adoption (see above.).  We do not ship our dogs out of state under any circumstances.

What is a home visit?

Prior to finalizing an adoption, a representative of Lhasa Happy Homes will visit your home to see where the dog will be living. The goal here is not to be invasive but to insure the best environment for the dog. Since we’ve had first-hand experience with each dog, we can advise you of areas to be cautious (i.e., if it is a jumper, escape artist, garbage can junkie or just likes to open the refrigerator and get a snack!) and help you make adjustments, if/where necessary. This is done to guarantee the ultimate protection of the dog…so that both canine and “parents” enjoy the best experience!

Is there an adoption fee?

There is a minimum adoption donation for each dog. The donation varies, depending on the age (seniors over 10 yrs old are less; puppies a little more) and medical disposition of the dog. The donation ranges from $150-450. Please feel free to inquire about the donation for any dog you are interested in adopting.

Why is there an adoption donation?

Lhasa Happy Homes is a 501c3, non-profit, all volunteer that solely depends on donations for its existence. We pay all expenses out of pocket, which include adoption fee to the shelter, vet exam, medications, vaccinations, spay/neutering, grooming, flea control, microchipping, de-worming and any surgical procedures, specialists and/or x-rays where indicated. Additionally, Lhasa Happy Homes provides each adoptive family with a gift of a leash, collar and identification tag. Without donations, Lhasa Happy Homes could not survive. Typically, we spend upwards of $60-70,000 annually in medical alone for the dogs we rescue.

Do you have a refund/return policy?

The “fee” paid for the dog is a donation, we maintain a “no refunds” basis. We want adopters to be committed to their decision and to be sure they are making the right match. That being said, in rare cases we may choose to return the fee, based on the circumstances. We disclose all information we may know/have on the dog, but adoption is on an “as is” basis. <

Are Lhasa Apso’s good with children?

While we steer away from stereotyping any dogs, it is our professional opinion that there are other dogs that are more appropriate for children. We have a policy that prevents us from adopting to any family with children under 8 yrs old. In the same breath, there are some Lhasas who are absolutely wonderful with children and so it is not fair to put such a stigma on this breed, and we will adopt to a home with children 5+ if the dog has proven to be good with kids. Sometimes Lhasa mixes have better temperaments, as they have “less attitude!” If you are interested in adopting a Lhasa and you have young children (under 8), be very careful in your selection and do not get a puppy. Adopt a dog that is a couple of years old, whose temperament is more mature and can be evaluated…one who demonstrates an easy going, friendly nature. We would highly recommend that you research any breed you are unfamiliar with before making a decision to adopt.

Are Lhasa Apso’s hypoallergenic?

While there is no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog, Lhasa Apso’s have minimal dander, which is the allergen that causes a reaction in most people. They shed very little and are very clean dogs. They do need to be groomed on a regular basis. That being said, some people are highly allergic and can be sensitive to saliva or even minimal dander, saliva, etc. Your best bet is to spend time with a dog you are considering adopting, let them lick you, put your hands in their fur and then on your arms/face and see if you have a reaction. A day of discomfort (if you are allergic) is better than a lifetime of itching!!

If you have any questions, or would like further information not included in this FAQ, please feel free to email us at Thanks for thinking rescue and adoption!!

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