Breed : Lhasa Apso
Size : 15 lbs
Age : 1.5-2 yrs
Status : Adopted
Please check the events page to see where and when you can meet this dog.
All LHH dogs have been spayed or neutered, updated on shots, microchipped, groomed, deflea'd, dewormed; and come with a leash, collar and LHH ID tag!


THIS IS BREEZY....and when we first saw her, her gorgeous golden eyes and cream and golden coat, even though it was matted to the bone, reminded us of a breezy day.  Now that her coat is growing back (see Picture #2) you can see for yourself!  This 1.5-2 yr old, 15 lb, Lhasa Apso....we came to find out, has unfortunately not had a breezy life.  Poor girl had seriously infected ears and to even touch them, she let out a blood curdling scream that scared me to death!!  This little girl, in her very short life, had not only been neglected but we are afraid she was also abused.  Cut to:  one week later.  Breezy's ears are much better....she jumps up and down to greet me sweet, adoring kisses and is getting very bonded.  While I'd like to think I'm her favorite thing...when I introduced her to was like Disneyland for dogs!  OMG....she is a toy maven!!  Just see for yourself: She knows how to play fetch and now she knows how to bring the toy back to you!!!  For the first time in Breezy's life....she is getting to be a dog - a loved dog!  She loves to go for walks and surprisingly enough, she seems to be potty trained (but no guarantees).  She loves the grass, loves to romp and play and a yard AND walks should definitely be in her future.  She is quiet...she does need some patience at first and while she likes kids, and is gentle with them...we're thinking that she should be introduced to them slowly and perhaps not have them living in her house!  As long as Breezy has toys, she is a happy girl... although she could go into a home with another dog...maybe only a bigger dog for a companion.   She loves to play with other dogs, but at times gets so frenetic, they start to argue!  It would have to be the right match :)  She longs to have a human who will love her unconditionally and have some patience with her....she has come a long way and will only get better with time.  She is not aggressive, but has some fearful tendencies that she is overcoming.  She really is a wonderful little girl who deserves a wonderful home....with you perhaps?

If you are interested in adopting this dog from Lhasa Happy Homes, please complete the Adoption Application on our home page and submit before calling. We will contact you once it has been reviewed.

UPDATE!!!! Lhasa Happy Homes will be now holding our adoption events most every Sunday at ROVER KENNELS on Main Street in Santa Monica (check calendar link below for special events and directions). Rover is located at 2116 Main Street, in Santa Monica, CA. Here you will have an opportunity to interact with the dogs and see which might be a perfect fit with your household. Main Street is famous for its innovative shops and is close to the beach! Make a day of it!! Metered parking on the street and free parking on 4th and Bicknell Streets!

Thanks for considering saving a will be the best gift you ever give yourself or your family.

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