Special Needs Kids on the Block !!

Lhasa Happy Homes believes that every abandoned, owner surrendered and/or shelter dog deserves a second chance at a wonderful life. This includes seniors who have been dumped because they have grown "too old," sick and/or injured dogs in the shelters who have been left to die...and the special needs pups who need extra TLC.

Vet bills are frequently very high. Lhasa Happy Homes never wants to be in a position where we cannot take a dog because we don't have the funding. Frequently, we dig into our own pockets to make sure the dogs we care for get the proper treatment...and sometimes, those pockets are pretty shallow.

Here are a few of our kids who could use your help. All donations are tax deductable.
Thank you for caring...the more you give, the more will live!

Medical = $12,247.50
Donation = $6,260.00

Special thanks to:
Linda Kay Desplanque
Trang Huynh
Gayle Myers
Dianne Markley
Stephanie Yang
Elizabeth Sheldon
Brian Metcalf
Eric Young
Jamie, in honor of her beloved Cornelius
Carol C. Lewandowski
Kate & Craig Matthews
Joan Taylor
FRANCO....was dumped in the Orange County Shelter with terrible bladderstones and possible liver issues.  In fact, when we did his surgery, he almost died on the table.  Fortunately, our vet is phenomenal and it didn't turn out to be quite as severe as we thought -- the possibility of a liver shunt...but fortunately, he does not have one.  We have him on medication right now...a supplement to help his liver functions, and we will retest him in October before he is adopted.  He is only a little over a year old and how he got into this condition is beyond us. 

Meanwhile, he is an adorable Shih Tzu mix, about 8 lbs of fluff and love and we're going to get him back into tip top shape!  We are hoping that he will be available for adoption in October!!  He is a wonderful little man, very kissy and a love bug who adores toys and playing fetch and loves his person. 

Thank you for your contribution to his medical bills.  As always, any donation is 100% tax deductible.  Thanks, in advance, for caring!

Update:  We did the bladderstone surgery and thought that we were thru the woods but have just learned that Franco has a liver shunt.  Not only that, but before we could get the scan done, he developed another stone and we had to do a second bladderstone surgery!  This poor baby!!  We did the liver scan on Wednesday (10/12) which confirmed he has an operable shunt and we will be getting his surgery done in two weeks (when his amonia levels come down).  ASEC will be doing the surgery for $2500, so anything you can do to help is very much appreciated.  We will never let a dog die because of money, if I have to mortgage my house.

Update #2:  Surgery went well on Thursday (10/25) and we went to visit Franco.  His blood glucose levels dropped so he is on supplements, which can be a post surgery issue -- but he is set to go home on Sunday (10/28) and we are monitoring him closely.  Thank you to Amber Thorn....who has been fostering Franco and is taking wonderful care of him :)

Update #3:  Poor Franco....he took a turn for the worse and we found out he had developed another three stones...and it caused horrible infection and bruising.  Dr. Adams does not know why he is creating stones so frequently, so he opted to do a uretha redirect so now he pee's like a girl....and his uretha can no longer get blocked.  He is going home tomorrow (12/16) and we just pray that the food he is eating S/O will dissolve the stones.  His blood values and everything else...including the shunt, are all good....so paws crossed this will be his last surgery....either forever or until he is old and gray!!

So now, Franco has healed and is ready for adoption.  He has the best personality....loves everyone....we hoped that that 'redirect' stops "dripping" -- and now that he is on Proin (medication) it has!  He still pees like a boy, so he can be a little messy, but if it's a trade of that or his life, we'll take it.

Medical = $5,997
Donation = $1,075.00

Special thanks to:
Angela Zelaya
Cheri & Stan Bly
THIS IS FLOYD.....a little grizzle colored, 5 yr old, 20 lb, Lhasa Apso/Shih Tzu mix.  Floyd was found in Watts by his rescue angel and foster, Stacy....wandering around aimlessly.  So, Stacy took him in and did due diligence to find his owners but came up empty.  Apparently, his owners phone doesn't accept messages, so a letter has been sent to them...and meanwhile, we're caring for this happy little man. Floyd is as sweet as he can be and loved by all!  He was playing with his foster mom's dog and somehow exacerbated a recent but older injury and came up lame. We put him into the hospital on a protocol of cortizone but Floyd was still unable to walk.  So, he is scheduled for a mylogram and sure enough, Floyd had a herniated disc and needed back surgery to the tune of $5,000+.  Floyd is healthy otherwise and if anyone can restore his ability to walk, it will be Dr. Wayne Berry...who performed surgery on Floyd on August 19 and he is doing fantastic!

WE NEED YOUR HELP.  As always, your contribution is 100% tax deductible, as we are a non profit organization recognized by the IRS (EIN #01-0697206). We thank you in advance for your generosity.  Surgery and MRI are scheduled for Tuesday, August 19. 

Medical = $1407+ cherry eye surgery
Donation = $1,000

Special thanks to:
MEET TOMMY LEE JONES.....We received a call from East Valley Shelter telling us they had a Lhasa X with a dislocated ankle and a broken foot...could we take him.  Of course, we said yes.  What happened?  We can only imagine that his foot was either caught in a door or he was hit by a car.  All we know for certain is he was in excruciating pain, yet he still wagged his tail like a champ!  When we arrived at the shelter, we were told that the foot was infected, necrotic and basically dead; surgical repair was not possible.  It had been splinted for four days without medical attention; his leg would need to be amputated.  Surgery was performed and this little grizzle colored, very brave, 1.5 yr old Lhasa boy will adjust. 

Once surgery had been done and we had a chance to take a good luck at Tommy Lee, we saw that he also has a double cherry eye...so surgery to correct this will be done before he goes to his forever home. 

Right now, he is learning to trust all over again, and with love and care he will get back to wagging that tail of his soon.  Tommy will be available in December.  A home without children....but with lots and lots of love...would be recommended.  Tommy Lee is very special. 

Thank you in advance for your support of this adorable boy.  As always, your contribution is 100% tax deductible, as we are a 501c3 organization recognized by the IRS and our EIN number is 01-0697206.  doG bless.

Medical = $1,450
Donation = $0

Special thanks to:
Little Apple -- a 5 yr old, white, 11 lb Shih Tzu --  came from the Baldwin Park Shelter with a urinary tract infection.  When we were at the vet, she pee'd and it was bloody, so our wonderful vet, Dr. Gary Adams, did an ultrasound and sure enough, she had bladder stones.  Well, to be accurate, she had one ginormous stone (pictured above).  We are having it evaluated because while it looks like it is Struvite, it has some nasty crustation on it and we want to know for sure what it is!  Apple is only 5-6 yrs old and is the cutest little munchin.  She is sweet as she can be, would love to be your one and only!  She is in the healing process and we want to make sure she is 100% before she goes to her forever home.  Keep watching for an update!

Thanks, in advance, for your financial support.  Your tax deductible donation is very much appreciated.  Lhasa Happy Homes is a 501c3, non profit organization and our Tax ID number is 01-0697206.  doG bless.

Medical = $1,350
Donation = $0

Special thanks to:
PRIMA is a 5 yr old Shih Tzu who came to us from the Carson Shelter with bladder stones.  Poor baby was in a lot of pain, with a great deal of blood in her urine.  We immediately took her in for surgery, and the stones were the size of gambling dice!!   Poor little Prima was so terrified when she first arrived and in pain....hiding under the furniture and making herself scarce.   About two weeks post surgery, Prima started to come out of her shell and make friends with the other pups in her foster home.  She loves the grass, running around and enjoying her life of freedom.  She is a great little girl, her bladder stones should not return, as they were caused by bacteria.  If a urine infection is not treated, stones can develop.....and it's obvious to us that Prima never received much care.  She is now happy and joyful and ready for her forever home.  Might that be with you?

As always, it takes funds to keep a non-profit organization going.  Thank you, in advance, for your contribution, which is 100% tax deductible.  Lhasa Happy Homes is recognized by the IRS as a 501c3 organizatio EIN #01-0697206.

Medical = $500
Donation = $0

Special thanks to:
THIS IS GiGi....and this petite, sweet, sable tri colored Shih Tzu X sees right into your heart....but not with her eyes. Little girl was given a death sentence at Orange County Shelter because she was circling.  The concern initially was that she was neurological, but even that doesn't mean she couldn't have a wonderful life.  What the shelter didn't realize was that she was blind.  Eye specialist confirmed that her lack of vision is caused by a shortened optic nerve, which she has had since birth.  Neurologist determined that her circling is not as a result of any brain damage or tumor, but suspects that it is more behavioral.  She circles when she gets really excited.....but her circling can be excessive.  That being said, with love and attention, it subsides.  Gigi settles down when she is with you....and she enjoys the company of other dogs.  She loves to romp in the grass and even does her business outside....although she does need training.  The family who adopts Gigi will need patience and time to devote to her....she is just a puppy and loves to play, nibble on her fingers and prance around like the angel she is.  Might you have a space in your heart for her?

PUPDATE:  Gigi has been adopted to a wonderful home and she will live her life happily ever after.  doG bless you Tracy Simmons.....

Medical = $5,680 +
Donation = $4,643.00

Special thanks to:
Jamie, Lucy and Chuck Meyer
Marilyn Reinhardt
Meredith Kirby
Tracy Simmons
Yoko Senesac
Beth Mathiowetz
Valerie Powell
Kim Kahl
Janice Corrales
Monica Dong
Emily Adams
Virginie Pathiaux
Dina Dolce
Roxanne Holland
Yoko Senesac
Caryn Requejo
Emily Adams
Virginie Pathiaux
M Fitzwilliam
Sherry Chaney
Sarah Hall
Lisa Guili
Katie Scott
Gayle Meyers
Natalie Baigent
Kim Kahl
Corinne Severin
Lisa & Scott McLain
Nick Guerra
Colleen Snyder
Lael Ward
Theresa Brabander
Sherry Chaney
Jamie Gross Meyer
Suzanne and Lindsay Brown
Lael McCoy Ward
Ellie Kligman
Sharlyn Pulice
for her birthday :)
Kate & Craig Matthews
Tracy Simmons
Joan Taylor
Carlene O'Neil
Suzanne Slater
Caryn Requejo again
Monica Dong
THIS IS LINZI.....and what a difference a few days, wonderful volunteers and a wonderful vet can make.  Little Linzi was found by a good samaritan who saw her walking down a dark alley in Inglewood (this was his story) covered in blood and did not know what to do with her...so he took her to the Carson Shelter.  By law, when a dog is injured, they have to bring the dog to a vet.  Their intention was to euthanize her....but the universe would not have it that way!  One of the vet techs is a friend of mine and she called to see if I would take her.  Of course, I said I would.  Linzi has a severely broken jaw, which required two plates and screws....and she was in a lot of pain.  Sadly, our wonderful vet, Dr. Daniel Slaton, believes it is quite possible she was either kicked or beaten...which is such a tragedy for this 10 month old baby girl.  The universe doesn't make mistakes....and everything fell in place perfectly for Linzi....from finding a wonderful vet to do the surgery...to getting help from one of our terrific adopters near the vet and a fantastic friend who is a foster to nurse Linzi back to health.  In 4-6 weeks, Linzi will be recovered and is already on the road to recovery.  We expect her to be available for adoption in April.  Meanwhile, keep good thoughts for her :)

Thank you in advance for your support. We are a 501c3 non profit organization and 100% of your donation is tax deductible.  We appreciate your concern for the animals.  doG bless.

UPDATE:  Linzi has had a setback :(  She developed an infection in one of the plates in her jaw and had to have it removed.  There was a gap in her jaw, so an external fixator was put on her jaw with a feeding tube and she will spend the next two weeks in the hospital.  In two weeks time, a 3rd procedure will be done -- a bone grafting (bone will be pulled from her hip) and we are praying that after this surgery, Linzi will not lose part of her jaw.  Please keep her in your prayers.  These procedures are costly, so your assistance is very much appreciated.  

PUPDATE:  Linzi has not been cooperating and Dr. Slaton had to take both plates out of her mouth as she pawed the fixator and tore out the wires in her mouth :(  She is still in the hospital and will be another two weeks....we don't even know how much the bill will ultimately be.  But her jaw is now stabilized and we are all hopeful.  Time will tell.  The bone has to grow....prayers and positive thoughts needed even more than donations.

Medical = $1850
Donation = $310

Special thanks to:
Clark Orman
Mary Sweat
Gayle Meyers
Michael Krieg
Norah Gillman
Carolyn Bray
Angela Zelay
Kathy Uszak
Dolores Barriskol
Luanne McGlaughlin
Karen A. Murphy
JONESY came from the East Valley Shelter with a horrible perianal hernia.  Many times these surgeries are touch and go....but without it, this gorgeous little man would not have lived another 6 months....probably less.  We could not leave him there.  Dr. Slaton did the surgery and Jonesy is making the long recovery, slowly but surely.  He is a very good boy but was so smart, it was hard to get him to take is medication at first.  Now, he's a pro.  This gorgeous boy is full of love and he is going to be a happy dog when this is all over!  He may need to be on medication for six months, just to make sure he is fully healed.

As always, your contribution is gratefully received and appreciated.  We are a 501c3 non-profit organization and your donation is 100% tax deductible.  Thank you in advance for caring!

Medical = $2.413
Donation = $200

Special thanks to:
Kathy Gould
VALENTINO (known as "Rudy" to his close, personal friends)....has had a tough time of it.  It's a good thing that he landed with Lhasa Happy Homes....who knew he would have to go thru this!!  Upon rescue from the shelter, we learned that Rudy had a large open wound on his left front elbow, with a severe bacterial infection.  After several months of care, with recurring infections requiring regular veterinary care, it was decided to do an aggressive skin graft.  Rudy has been a real trooper throughout the entire process.  It appears that the graft is taking, but it is still "young" and Rudy is visiting the vet on a regular basis to monitor the healing.  The vet is very happy about his improvements and he is now wearing a brace to help the healing.  Valentino is a swooner and he will make you fall in love with him as everyone in the hospital has.  He will make a house a very happy home!  He'll be ready for his forever home soon!!

Valentino is now ready for adoption!  We thank you for your kind and generous donation in advance and know that it is 100% tax deductible.  Our Tax ID number is 01-0697206

Thanks for your support!

Medical = $2122
Donation = $887

Special thanks to:
Melissa Cruz
Lifeline 4 Paws
Kishin Kirpalani
 RINGO was shuffled around by family members until he landed in a very caring home, who could not keep him but wanted to make sure he found his forever home.  Before he was adopted, he injured himself and tore his ACL.  The person who wanted to adopt him could not afford the surgery, so his caring angel contacted us.  Ringo is only 8 months old and is a doll.  He is a red Lhasa Apso, with a white crest...and now a repaired ACL!  He will be available for adoption in December.  This loving boy will need a home where there is another very playful dog to join him in his puppy antics.  If that sounds like you....let us know.

UPDATE:  Not so good news :(  For some reason, Ringo was not healing properly.  The original xrays that were given to us were of his torn ACL but not of his hips, and in addition to having a torn ACL, he needs an FHO....so Ringo will need a second surgery and will not be available until March :(

Thank you in advance for your support of this adorable boy.  All contributions are 100% deductible.  Our EIN number is 01-0697206.  doG bless!

Medical = $1908
Donation = $1,450

Special thanks to:
Laura Pawelec
Kim Van Slyke Nuzzo
Caryn Requejo Rosenstein´╗┐
Sherry Chaney
Heather Trimm
Lucy, Jamie and Chuck Meyer
Jamie Meyer Gross
Karyn Allen
Wendy Piatek
Kim Nuzzo
THIS IS DIANA.....and to say that she is lucky to be alive is an understatement.  This little year old, 7 lbs, Maltipoo was truly "saved by the bell."  I received a phone call at 7:30pm and usually don't answer our LHH line that late...but a young woman called because she found a dog who had been hit by a car laying by the road, crying.  She took Diana to the vet, who quoted her $2,000 and the young woman did not have the funds.  She called us and asked if we could help and we immediately asked her to bring the dog to our vet and she did.  Diana had a huge inguinal hernia caused by trauma and her blood pressure had dropped very low, her gums were very pale and she underwent emergency surgery.  Diana will fully recover in a few weeks and this Lady Di will be as good as new!  We're just elated that her life was saved.

As always, medical expenses are costly and your support is very much appreciated.  Your contribution is 100% tax deductible.  You can paypal your donation to LhasaHappyHomes@aol.com.  Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Medical = $3,981.50
Donation = $3275.00

Special thanks to:
Cat Aires
Noel Switzer
Carol Kirkland
Cathy Yip
Lucy, Jamie & Chuck Meyer
Cathy Pearl
Shelly Insheiwat
Tracy Simmons
Marti Perlmutter
Christopher Sangioviani
Doreen Puskaric
MEET SWEETPEA....a precious pup who was stranded at the Carson Shelter, with no interest.  Why?  Because she had severe cataracts and no vision....i.e., blind.  This little angel has the sweetest disposition, so much life in her and is so pretty, we could not let her die in a cold shelter, unloved.  She sure was loved while her "owners" bred her and bred her and bred her.  Once they were done with her...buh bye Sweetpea.  Not so fast....this little girl WILL SEE AGAIN!!!  On February 19, Sweetpea will have cataract surgery and Dr. Paige Evans says she believes the surgery will restore her sight. Sweetpea earned her name, and we are so excited for her special day to come!  We have a phenomenal foster home ready for her...and in about six weeks, this little angel will be ready for her forever home.  

Sweetpea has had her surgery and is doing well.  This time next month (around the end of March) Sweetpea will be available for adoption!!  Please keep her in your prayers and send positive white light in her direction.  She will be at Eye Care for Animals, under Dr. Paige Evan's care....at City of Angels Hospital.....

Thanks, in advance, for your generosity and support.  As always, your contribution is 100% tax deductible as we are a 501c3 non-profit organization recognized by the IRS.  Sweetpea will see you in her dreams :)

Medical = $3,000
Donation = $3,115.00 THANK YOU!!!!

Special thanks to:
Lifeline for Paws
Various wonderful donors
Laramie is a 3 yr old Lhasa Apso mix who was adopted from the North Central Shelter on one of their "promotions" and then returned on December 11, after she had been hit by a car.  Her "guardians" couldn't afford her her medical bills for surgery to her severly broken pelvis, which required a 6 hole plate and screws.  Sadly, this is what happens when people adopt a dog and cannot afford unexpected expenses.  This is why we always recommend insurance.  Laramie sat at the shelter and I could not bear to see her suffer.  We didn't have room...but one of our Board members stepped up and found us a miraculous couple to take care of her for us.  Our vet was out of town until the end of the year, so they found a wonderful orthopedic surgeon who did the surgery on New Years Eve in San Diego.  Now that the surgery is done, in a month she will need rehabilitation, which we will also be doing.  All this costs money, but we're in it to win her back to full recovery so it's about whatever it takes!!

As always, your contribution is very much needed and appreciated.  We are a 501c3 non-profit organization and your donation is 100% dectible.  doG bless and thank you for your generosity.

Medical = $4,280.22
Donation = $2,150.00

Special thanks to:
Nancy Mutner
Jamie Gross Meyer
TO LOOK AT THIS LITTLE ANGEL, ILYSSA....you would not know that anything was wrong with her.  She came to Lhasa Happy Homes with what we were told was luxating patellar or hip dysplasia.  WRONG.  Our brilliant vet, Dr. Gary Adams, immediately knew it wasn't orthopedic, but slightly neurological.  Lo and behold...ANOTHER DOG WITH A LIVER SHUNT!!!  What are the chances of that....three in one year?  Our wonderful vet at ASEC did the surgery and in the next couple of months this little peanut will be able to go to her forever home....wherever that may be.  She is an angel and is getting healthier every day.
Any family who takes Ilyssa home will be blessed indeed.  Could that be you?

Ilyssa's surgery, pre/post and scans have been costly.  Your contribution toward her recovery is very much appreciated.  As always, it is also 100% tax deductible. Thanks in advance for your care and support!

PUPDATE:  Ilyssa has been adopted and is in her forever home!!

Medical = $1,989.50
Donation = $85

Special thanks to:
Gayle Myers
Janice Kerrigan
 BRAVO came from the Baldwin Park Shelter.  We received a call advising us that he was going down in two days and could we take him with a broken pelvis.  This poor baby was not only hit by a car but likely run over!  Who could resist that face!  He also needs a surgery to correct his nostrils, which are deformed.  Not only that, but we had to delay his surgery because he came out of the shelter with kennel cough!  So, Bravo will have his surgeries (neuter, nostril and FHO) on Tuesday, November 5 and likely be available mid January -- right after New Years.   One little hiccup...Bravo ended up with a slight case of demodex mange on his face and now he won't be available until February.  Poor little guy.  But he has a loving foster who is seeing to his every need....so this boy is being spoiled to life while he heals.

As always, you contribution is 100% deductible and we thank you in advance for your generosity!  doG bless.

Medical = $3,722.00
Donation = $3,722.00 YAY!!!

Special thanks to:
Sylvia Wong
THIS IS IMARI....and she came to us from the Moreno Valley Shelter absolutely skin and bones.  When she first arrived, she looked good, except for the fact that she was extremely emaciated.  When I walked her, she would fall over, she was so weak.  The only thing I could get her to eat was turkey breast and hot dogs....and forget about putting medication in there -- she'd find it every time.  Right now she is in the hospital, where she has been for three days, hooked up to IV's and antibiotics.  The vet fears distemper, but she is eating, so I do not believe this is the case...at least I am praying it is not. 

At the present time, her bill is already over $3,000 and we do not know what the final total will be.  We will keep her there as long as the vet feels she needs it, and at $160/day (including our discount) it is costly.  But I do not believe a dog should ever die because of money...so please help us if you can.

As always, your contribution is 100% tax deductible.  Thank you, in advance, for caring for dogs like baby Imari -- who is not even a year old and dumped in a shelter where she got sick.

UPDATE:  Fantastic news.  Imari is a fighter and so am I.  She has recovered from distemper....with some neurological damage but what is a twitch or two?  She is eating like a piggy -- she has gained a pound.  She is going on walks with me, climbing the stairs in my house and even chewing on marrow bones and sweet potatoes!  I am so proud of her....she isn't ready for adoption.....but she is a success story.  We have lost distemper dogs -- in fact, we've never had one survive....but now there is Imari!!!!!  The second picture will show you just how happy she is!!!

Medical = $2705.66
Donation = $1,100.00

Special thanks to:
April Evans
VANDYKE came to LHH with a coat matted to the bone (as you can see in these pictures) and a broken leg.  The shelter said it was his tibia and didn't need surgery; it was actually his femur and DID need surgery.  He is now recovering and learning to trust people.  He just had the surgery this past week and so we will update you as his recovery progresses.  He wants to love and be loved, but he is still a little unsure of his surroundings.  Vandyke will not be available until mid August.

Thank you in advance for your generous contribution, which is 100% tax deductible.  doG bless!

Medical = $1,993.30
Donation = $1,000.00

Special thanks to:
CORIE came to us from one of the worst shelters in So CA...Devore.  Cute as a button, we knew she had some hip problems as she was walking with a limp.  Turned out that she has hip dysplasia and needed surgery on both sides.  She has had the first surgery done and will have the second done in another month and should be available for adoption in August.

Lhasa Happy Homes is a small rescue organization that takes on medical dogs because we do not believe any dog should be left in pain or die because of money. We do what we can, but we can't continue to do it without your help.

As always, your contribution is 100% tax deductible and we thank you in advance for your generosity.

Medical = $3760.00
Donation = $1,000.00

Special thanks to:
GRACEE is a tough cookie....and she has been through the worst of it and is coming back to life.  We saw on FB that there was a little Maltese mix at the Inland Valley Humane Society (how they can call it humane, I do not know) and that at 12noon they were going to euthanize a little 8 lb. Maltese mix because she had a broken pelvis.  THAT IS NOT A REASON TO KILL A DOG, I said.  We had a wonderful transporter, Adam, go and get her and Dana fostered her for a few days until we could take her.  Broken was not the word for it.  Her pelvis was fractured in 6 places....and lo and behold that wasn't all.  She also had a heart defect (which they failed to tell us about) called a PDA, which needed repair.  It's a good thing I made a deal with the hospital to cap it off at $3,000.00 because usually, with this surgery, they can go thru the femoral artery...but not so with Gracee (she has angels all around her).  She needed open heart surgery....$8,000!!  But the hospital kept their word and charged us $3,000 plus her ultrasound and xrays.

Gracee has had a bad time with the medication, but she is recuperating nicely and she will hopefully be read for adoption next month.  Her fosters are taking phenomenal care of her and we are so blessed to have them.  Thank you, Mary and Will! 

As we always feel, we are the lucky ones.  Gracee is an angel and playful and funny, even though she has just had major surgery.  She is only about 3 yrs old and when she makes her full recovery, which she will, whomever adopts her will be very blessed with "grace"

As always, your financial support is very appreciated.  Lhasa Happy Homes is a 501c3 registered non-profit organization, recognized by the IRS.  All donations are 100% tax deductible.  Thanks, in advance, for your kindness.  

Medical = $3310.00
Donation = $1,000.00

Special thanks to:
TRISTEN came to us from the Lancaster Shelter and he was not in good shape.  First, he had to be taken to emergency because he had an infection around his penis and his foster mom thought he was going to die!  Once that was taken care of, he came to our vet, Dr. Adams, and sure enough, he had hip dysplasia and a bad case of it on both sides of his hips.  He has just undergone his second surgery and he will be ready to be adopted in May.

Tristen is just one of the best dogs ever.  He seems to be potty trained, he is quiet, loving, gets along and loves everyone and everything.  He loves toys, he loves to play, he is a sweetheart of a dog and he will be a wonderful companion to anyone who adopts him.  Many say that he was lucky to find us....we feel like we're the lucky ones.  The idea that a dog would be euthanized for things that can be fixed....is not acceptable to us.  So while he cost us a bit, it was worth every penny.

As always, your financial support is very appreciated.  Lhasa Happy Homes is a 501c3 registered non-profit organization, recognized by the IRS.  All donations are 100% tax deductible.  Thanks, in advance, for your kindness.  New Pictures showing his surgery will be posted soon.

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