Ralph's has long been a big supporter of non-profit organizations with their Community Contribution program.

It's an easy way to help support Lhasa Happy Homes...and it won't cost you a penny! Every time you swipe your card, Ralph's will match up to 4% of your monthly purchases and donate that amount to LHH!

This income means so much to the doggies at Lhasa Happy Homes. Without it, we could not be doing the work that we are doing! Believe us when we tell you that these dollars do save lives!!

By following the directions below, you will be designating Lhasa Happy Homes as your non-profit organization of choice.

*Please note: Your information not be used for any mailing list or any other purpose.

Please take a moment and complete the process…….the doggies will continue to thank you for it…and so will we!! *please note....you must renew this participation annually in September*

1) Log in to www.ralphs.com

2) Click on Sign In/Register

3) Click on New Customer? Sign up today!

4) Enter your zip code and click on ‘find’

5) Click ‘Select’ next to the store you primarily shop at

6) Enter account information:
a. Your email address
b. Your password (please note the rules next to this field)
c. Confirm your password

7) Subscribe or unsubscribe to email subscription by leaving the check marks or removing them

8) Click Confirm

9) Click on agree to Terms and Conditions

10) Click on ‘Confirm’ Once you do the above, you will get an email sent to you, which you must respond to in order to complete your enrollment…and then…..

11) Click on Edit Community Contribution Program Information

12) Enter the card number as shown on your Ralph’s rewards card

13) Click on ‘Save Changes’

14) Confirm or enter any corrections and click on ‘Save Changes’

15) Type “Lhasa Happy Homes” as your selected non profit organization and click ‘Search’

16) In the ‘Select Your Organization Section’, click on the bubble next to your organizations name

17) Click on ‘Save Changes’ You have now completed your Online rewards card registration AND your Community Contributions registration. Check your grocery receipt to make sure Lhasa Happy Homes is your designated benefactor of the Ralph’s Reward Program…and remember to re-enroll annually in September every year!! (We’ll remind you!!)


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