Sponsor A Dog

Many dogs who come to Lhasa Happy Homes are residents for an extended period of time while they are awaiting their forever homes. During their stay, they are getting ongoing attention: the best nutrition possible, grooming and a wonderful "woof" over their head....as well as training and medical attention, where indicated. They may be ready to go home....but their home hasn't yet 'found' them!! This all costs money and can become very expensive. However, no matter what, these kids get the best there is to offer until we can place them in the absolute right home!!

We need many Sponsors help to support the special LHH kids!!

The cost to sponsor a dog is minimum $50/month (minimum two month commitment). Each month, you will get an update on your pup....how they are doing, how your money has been spent, and once your sponsored pup gets adopted, we will send you pictures!! We will also post your name as the pup's sponsor, with your approval. We want to honor the people who honor us by caring!!

Please consider sponsoring one of the
Lhasa Happy Homes pups....and thanks for thinking rescue!!

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